Tobi the bread baker

Culinary specialities
The one who only bakes bread!

"My idea is to let bread be bread again, to make it gently and by hand, using only selected ingredients. The more original the production and the recipe, the better the taste. That is what is unique about my bread. With me, there is pure bread," says Andreas Torbecke, the bread baker.

Thanks to home-grown rye and wheat sourdoughs and long dough rests, the bread stays fresh for a long time and has a lot of flavour. No two loaves are alike because they are made by hand.

There are only a few types of bread every day: 8 to 10 different breads, the selection varies. At the weekend, we add specialities for barbecues, feasting and enjoyment.

My philosophy is very simple: I offer traditionally handmade bread. I only use selected raw materials, no classified organic products, but the best ingredients, if possible from the region.

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Address & contact

Tobi the bread baker
Lotter Straße 115
49078 Osnabrück

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