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Culinary specialities
From the bean to the cup - coffee with passion!

At the end of the 60s, almost all of them disappeared from the market, pushed out by the "big" industrial roasters - the traditional coffee roasters. Today they exist again, some coffee enthusiasts who have made coffee their passion.

The Ferdinands Kaffeerösterei is a small manufactory where we produce high-quality coffees. One bean has up to 1000 flavours just waiting to be discovered. Through our gentle long roasting process, we are able to bring these flavours to life while isolating the unpleasant irritants and bitter substances. The result is top-quality coffees that are easy on the stomach and easy to digest.

Whether prepared in the French Press, used in a fully automatic machine, as filter coffee or extracted in a portafilter machine - Ferdinands Kaffeerösterei offers a single-origin coffee, a blend or espresso for every type of preparation and every taste.

In our manufactory in Osnabrück, we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our gas-powered drum roaster has a capacity of 12kg of green coffee, which we carefully roast at a maximum of 240° for at least 12 minutes.

We source our green coffee varieties from Central and South America, as well as Africa and the Asian region. They are small farms that grow top quality coffees in the highlands. In order to know which beans are processed in our roastery, we often have direct contact with the farmers in the country of origin. Only because of this approach are fair prices for very good goods guaranteed.

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Ferdinands Rösterei
Hannoversche Straße 15
49084 Osnabrück

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