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Experience" Osnabrück in a vintage bus

Let us drive you through the city and get to know the sights, special features and history. In the historic double-decker bus you have the best view! You can book tickets in advance online at Eventim or on site at the Tourist Info. Tickets are also available on the bus at the starting point Lortzingstraße/corner Domhof - you can get on right there! During May Week from 12 - 22 May 2023, the bus stop is relocated to Heger Tor. The tours are accompanied by a German-speaking city guide.

Short and sweet tour

Through Osnabrück's city center in 1.5 hours
Stadtrundfahrten im Traditionsbus

The short and sweet tour takes you on a short journey through time through the city to the city limits in the northwest and back again. It goes past the cathedral St. Petrus, over the Hasestraße, on the Wallstraßen, around the historic city center. Your ride will also take you through the Osnabrück harbor area. Here you will get to know, among other things, the "Osnabrück Gold" and drive past the grain silo III, which is now used as an office building by the Hellmann freight forwarding company.

You will also enjoy a view of the harbor basin from your seat in the double-decker bus.

After a detour through Eversburg, you will return to the city center.

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Osnabrück Tour

In and around Osnabrück in 2 hours

The Osnabrück tour takes you once across the city. You will get to know the historical milestones of the city's history, as well as the highlights of the city of peace. Buildings such as St. Peter's Cathedral and Osnabrück Castle serve as witnesses to history, while the Hasehaus on Neumarkt and the joint library of the university and college on the Westerberg campus serve as witnesses to modernity.

The tour continues along traffic routes of the Middle Ages to modern traffic connections. This year, the focus is particularly on the Haste district with its 80th anniversary. Furthermore, discover the green city in the middle of the nature park: at the Gertrudenberg with the Bürgerpark, at the Westerberg with the Botanical Garden.

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In the historic double-decker across Osnabrück
Tip: Excellent for dirty weather & heat!

Explore the city in the dry when it rains, in the cool when it's hot - in a traditional bus with a city guide! The city tours are a new offer from Marketing Osnabrück GmbH. They started in spring 2023 with initially two different tours - you can find lots of information about them at the Tourist Information.

Stadtwerke Osnabrück has operated the bus tours so far - and they continue to be a cooperation partner that makes this offer possible.

The other cooperation partners also have small specials and discounts in store for you. Let us surprise you!

The cooperation partners

Special offers & discounts

Details on special offers and discounts for participants of the city tours are available at the Tourist Information Osnabrück.

Traditionsbus Osnabrück e.V.
The association Traditionsbus Osnabrück e.V.
A well maintained seating area
To the Traditionsbus e.V.
Up to the tower of St. Mary's Church
Endless stairs
To climb the tower
Elefantenjunges Minh-Tan im Zoo Osnabrück
Zoo visit with discount
Animal pleasure
To the zoo
Eine Tasse Kaffee
Coffee in favorite cafe
Deserved break
To the cafe

Note on possible changes at short notice

Please inquire on the homepages or directly in the respective houses about the current opening and event times, prices, cancellations, etc.. This information can change at short notice!