Slippery weather tips

What do we do in rain, fog and storms?

It's pouring with rain and possibly even diagonally because the wind is driving the rain in front of you. In weather like this, Osnabrück has a few tips to save the day with active exercise for mind and body.

The Museum am Schölerberg - hands-on natural history

Discover dinosaur tracks in the Osnabrück mudflats, track earthquakes in real time, eavesdrop on mushrooms or calculate your ownCO2 consumption- you can do all this in a fun way at the Museum am Schölerberg.

It is a journey through time on 1,800 square metres. At the centre of the exhibition is a carbon forest with a signet tree root that grew on the Piesberg 308 million years ago. The natural history of our region begins with extinct species and ranges from immigrant and new species such as the "cappuccino bear", whose parents are polar and brown bears, to future models of human life.

The natural history is well organised into the areas of astronomy, water, forest, open land and city. The museum includes an environmental education centre and planetarium. All information is also available in English and Dutch. To the Museum am Schölerberg

Museum of Cultural History - "Reading traces of the city"

How did people live in Osnabrück centuries ago? How did the city develop?

In the new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Cultural History, you can travel through the centuries with light and "grasp" history in the literal sense. The legend of the Osnabrück lion poodle can be read and the Peace of Westphalia is visualised as an animated graphic novel. For the little ones, there is a children's trail at eye level with its very own perspective.

The Gustav Stüve Collection is housed on the upper floor, with masterpieces from the 16th to 19th centuries and a collection of graphic works by Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528).

All areas of the Museum of Art History were redesigned in 2023. It is one of the four buildings of the Osnabrück Museum Quarter, MQ4, which also includes the Felix Nussbaum Haus, Die Villa and the Akzisehaus. To the Museum of Cultural History

Boulderhalle Osnabloc
Osnabloc bouldering hall
Indoor playgrounds, Climbing

One of the most modern bouldering halls in Germany for indoor climbing.

City Escape Games
Place to see, Funsport

Escaperoom in the middle of Osnabrück.

In de Nettedrom in Osnabrück kan je e-karten
Nettedrom e-kart track
Funsport, Place to see, Indoor playgrounds

Adrenaline at 470 metres, fun on two levels and accelerated thrills.

Example image
Place to see, Ice skating/ice rink

Ice skating at the ice sports centre

Escaperoom Osnabrück
Place to see, Indoor playgrounds, Funsport

Escaperoom is a unique experience for outings with friends or family.

Escape Game Rooms
Indoor playgrounds, adults

Scary for grown-ups

Surfen op de Hasewelle in warenhuis L&T in Osnabrück
Water sports, Funsport

The perfect wave - surfing in the department stores'

Jump House
Playgrounds, Indoor playgrounds, Funsport

Jump House - formerly UpSprung - the trampoline and play park in Osnabrück

Mind Hunters Osnabrück.jpg
Mind Hunters Osnabrück
Place to see, Indoor playgrounds, Funsport

Welcome to the Mindhunters!

Nettebad Osnabrück
Indoor pools/adventure pools, Outdoor pools, Sauna facilities

The large sports and leisure pool is one of the most beautiful leisure pools in Lower Saxony.

Example image
Place to see

Playing for young and old

Room Fox Escaperoom
Place to see, Funsport, Indoor playgrounds

Maximum fun and excitement in the Escape Room!

Schinkelbad with Cabriosol
Water sports, Indoor pools/adventure pools, Sauna facilities

The Schinkelbad features a warm water pool with a starry sky and an area with a saltwater pool.

Skatehall Osnabrück
Inline skating, Funsport, Indoor playgrounds

Streetpark with halfpipe, indoor and outdoor, miniramp

Osnabrück City Library
Cultural centre, Library

Read, listen, join in and discover!

Bowling Beispielbild
Vegas Bowling

Bowling Events

Bowling Beispielbild

Where the fun starts rolling!

Zappelarena "Frank und seine Freunde"
Playgrounds, Climbing, Funsport

The Zappelarena Frank and his friends is an indoor play paradise for children.

Zenit Boulderhalle

Boulder walls in all shapes and variations.

Note on possible changes at short notice

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