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Music, theater, art, museums, film - a diverse scene plays with festivals

A diverse scene ensures a rich offer from all cultural genres and brings international festivals to the stage. Cultural professionals and also dedicated amateurs make sure that you can have a good time every day of the year - from classical music to grunge, from history to modern art installations. Did you know that the first European peace was negotiated in Osnabrück? Or are you more interested in the fact that the city is considered a blues stronghold?

Theater Osnabrück Innenansicht
Curtain up!

The stage life in Osnabrück is diverse, even for the youngest visitors. In addition to the Städtische Bühne with its 5 sections, there are also small houses with very special programs.

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Werk des Malers Felix Nussbaum
History & Present

Osnabrück's museums not only keep history alive - whether painters or writers, bishoprics or technology - their significance for the present and future always resonates.

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Popsalon 2024 Madeline Juno
From Popsalon to Urban Art

It's best to arrange the festivals from A to Z - or by size - or by how far the acts have traveled - it doesn't matter, there's something for everyone!

A festival overview
Violin or 110 dB?

Whether classical or rock, pop, jazz and all the other musical genres - it's always live in Osnabrück! The ensembles, bands and choirs are just as diverse as the stages and performance venues.

Who makes what music where
Stadtbibliothek (c) Aileen Rogge
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The libraries, the Literaturhaus Westniedersachsen and various other players bring literature to life. Writings become vivid and alive - from readings to film adaptations.

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Constant & current

Perpetual and changing exhibitions show works of many artists - some with international reputation, some on the long way there.

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Skulptur an der Katharinenkriche
Visual arts
Indoor & Outdoor

Paintings, graphics, sculptures, installations - anyone interested in contemporary art will find it in many places in the city - even outdoors, "in passing" it cannot be overlooked.

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Film festival or film shooting?

The Independent FilmFest Osnabrück is one of the oldest film festivals in Lower Saxony. It takes place annually in October and ends with the presentation of endowed awards, including the Peace Film Award. For filmmakers, Osnabrück has a filming guide available from Nordmedia Filmförderung.

About the film

For people interested in culture & culture professionals

In Osnabrück, too, numerous people have to get by on little money - sometimes too little money to enjoy cultural events. KUKUK, the "Art and Culture Support Card," opens up culture to those who cannot otherwise afford it: The card for welfare recipients is issued by the association KAOS e.V. (Kultur für Alle Osnabrück). Cardholders can then purchase tickets for just 1 euro (children 50 cents) from cultural organizers who have joined the scheme. KAOS e.V. is registered in the register of associations of the city of Osnabrück and recognized by the tax office as a charitable organization. The association is also looking for partners who would like to support this idea financially and ideally. Further information, current events and a list of all participating cultural institutions can be found at www.kukuk.de. KAOS registered association culture for all Osnabrück

Large Gildewart 35

49074 Osnabrück

0541 76079112

E-mail: infonoSpam@kukuknoSpam.de

Let yourself be inspired!

With the KulturPass, you can take advantage of a wide range of local cultural offers. When you turn 18 in 2023, you will receive a budget of 200 euros. When you turn 18 in 2024, you will receive a budget of 100 euros.

You can use this budget for concerts, cinema, museum and theatre visits or to buy books and records.

All you need is the KulturPass app.

Students pay one euro per semester - in addition to the AStA fees set by the student parliaments. In return, admission to the Museumsquartier, the Kunsthalle, the Museum am Schölerberg, the Museum Industriekultur and the Diözesanmuseum is free. Borrowing books from the city library is free of charge, as are certain courses at the music and art school. There are also five guided tours of the city per semester and other tours in addition to the usual first-time offers. In addition, the ascent to the tower of St. Mary's Church is free of charge.

Culture semester ticket

A guide with contact persons for filming in Osnabrück can be found at the Lower Saxony film promotion Nordmedia.

In order to be able to display your event on this portal, the entry in the calendar of events for Osnabrück and the Osnabrück region "OS-Kalender" is necessary. You can enter your event in the OS calendar yourself or have it entered there by the advertising agency bvw by sending the necessary information and photos by e-mail. This service is free of charge for you.

Please keep in mind: The more concrete and informative your details are, the more likely you are to appeal to your target group. With a meaningful photo of your event you increase the attention.

The KulturPass: The gift of money for your 18th birthday!

Festivals, concerts, theatre, cinema, museums, books, CDs...

Everyone born in 2006 receives a budget of €100 to enjoy culture on their 18th birthday! The budget is freely redeemable and valid for 2 years. Further information can be found here.

The budget can be redeemed for events at Eventim, at the cinema, theatre or in bookshops and museums in Osnabrück. There are currently around 2.6 million cultural offers nationwide, including concerts, theatre and cinema performances, but also tickets for museums, exhibitions or parks as well as books, sound recordings and musical instruments. Since this year, workshops and memberships can also be booked via the KulturPass, such as music, dance or painting courses as well as library cards and annual museum tickets.

The KulturPass app can be downloaded free of charge from the stores. To activate the KulturPass app, proof of age and place of residence in Germany must be provided via online ID (German nationals), eID card (EU nationals) or electronic residence permit (third-country nationals).

  • The budget can be activated until 31 December 2024 and used until the end of 2025.
  • Budgets already activated in 2023 can still be used until the end of 2024.

Further information on registering and using the app can be found on theKulturPass website.

The city of peace
Do you know why Osnabrück is a "City of Peace"?

The first real European peace treaty was signed here in 1648 - the door handle to the town hall is a reminder of this. The peace treaty ended the Thirty Years' War after long, tough negotiations in Osnabrück and Münster. Today, this historical legacy is lived out in many institutions, associations and initiatives in Osnabrück and is geared towards the future.
In 2023, the city of Osnabrück celebrated the peace treaty 375 years ago with a year-round programme.
You can find detailed information on the webportal City of Peace

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