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Where to go & who does what

There is live music in many locations in Osnabrück. In some there is only sometimes an event, in others almost every evening. There are also hard-working organizers who do not have their own house, but regularly move out to other places. Here you can find

  • current concerts
  • Venues
  • Organizers who regularly organize many events


Alando Palais

The largest club in Osnabrück is an elaborately remodelled indoor swimming pool.

Bastard Club
Disco/Club, Cultural centre

The Bastard Club stands for "underground" - hardcore, punk, metal, alternative, hip hop and gothic.

Kiosk at the Westerberg
Place to see, Cultural centre, Open air theatre

A very special little Büdchen!

Cinema Arthouse / Blue Note
Cultural centre, Theatre, Cinema

In addition to the cinema, there is also a bar, lounge, bistro, beer garden and stage!

Haus der Jugend (House of Youth)
Cultural centre, Youth clubs

The Haus der Jugend is an urban centre for children, teenagers and young adults.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park
Disco/Club, Cultural centre

Legendary club with live bands and concerts.

Cultural centre

Culture & Communication at Heger Tor

Cultural centre

In the Lutherhaus there is a large concert hall, which is designed for approx. 300 people.

Conference Centre

The OsnabrückHalle is the largest and most modern event centre in the centre of Osnabrück.

Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus
Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus
Cultural centre, Historic buildings, Place to see

The Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus is a special cultural institution.

Sophie_Hunger_Rosenhof_(c) Fredo_Gerdes
Cultural centre, Disco/Club, Place to see

Concerts, comedy, reading & party in an old cinema .


"Transcultural - together - without measure!"- in an architecturally beautiful theatre.


The Unikeller is the first student pub in Osnabrück and regularly available for small and large exhibitions, concerts, readings and parties. In summer with beer garden.

Organizers in Osnabrück

Committed in the background

They are the driving forces backstage, behind the stage. They plan the acts they put on different stages and often also take care of the advance ticket sales. Their events take place not only in Osnabrück, but also in other cities.

The Forum Osnabrück für Kultur und Soziales e.V. (Forum Osnabrück for Culture and Social Affairs), FOKUS for short, plans open-air cultural events, among other things, and is involved in many other events.

Focus e.V.

Goldrush Productions take care of artist booking in the field of concert, comedy, reading and theater. Goldrush Productions events are mostly held at Rosenhof (company headquarters). Since 2015, it also organizes the Schlossgarten Open Air. Ticketheimat is new for advance ticket sales.



Hörsaal Events specializes in comedy and cabaret. They host indoor, as well as open air during the summer months. They are also committed to student events such as the Beer Diploma.

Auditorium Events

Open Air Comedy

The music office works closely with all city stakeholders and sees itself as an enabler for bands and musicians of all genres.

Musikbüro Osnabrück This is also the home of Osnabrück's online magazine Oszillator on regional musicians and concerts with scene news, interviews and much more.

Osnabrück's oldest and only jazz club is a non-profit organization that performs at various venues and engages nationally and internationally known bands.

Park Lane Jazz Club

Comedy is the main focus of Plan B - for this they also migrate to other cities.

Plan B

Management - Music - Exhibitions. In the area of management, PEAG arranges and supports artists with an individual full-service management for their performances and engagements on stage, in the media as well as for advertising cooperations, events, galas & events. In the music division, it offers the production and marketing of individual CDs, an in-house label, a publishing house and suitable promotion packages per artist.

Public Entertainment

Zukunftsmusik brings young, new bands to the stage. Among other things, they plan the Popsalon festival, run a stage at the May Week and, in addition to booking the acts, take care of their own clubs, which - like their homepage - like to move from time to time.


Music and Art School Osnabrück
Ensembles, bands and choirs of the Music and Art School

The municipal music and art school offers a variety of ensemble, choir, band and orchestra programs for children, youth and adults. At least as many concerts and performances result from this!

Music and Art School Osnabrück
 IfM_Musical Musikerziehung_B_A_-_Musical_Hochschule_Osnabrueck
Institute of Music
Osnabrück University

Jazz, musical and pop are fields of study at the IfM, which has just opened a new house for rehearsals and performances of all kinds with the "Plektrum". In addition, there are many professional performance opportunities where students can be seen live on stage.

The Blue Note jazz club and Café 8 1/2 at the Cinema-Arthouse are the venues for monthly sessions organized by IfM students, as well as performances as part of the "Local Jazz" series and the IfM jazz end-of-semester concerts, among others.

The actor-singer-dancer training in musicals leads to a professional musical production through many performances such as the Stage Factory Musical or the Christmas Gala. Performance venues include the Haus der Judend or the Theater Osnabrück.

The Pop program uses the "Popstage" in the warehouse or the "Popsession" in the Unikeller Osnabrück.

Institute of Music (HS)

If you miss your venue, please feel free to contact

Susanne Schoon
Culture Marketing, Marketing Osnabrück GmbH

Telefon: +49 541 323 3514

Schlosswall 1 - 9
49074 Osnabrück

Note on possible changes at short notice

Please inquire on the homepages or directly in the respective houses about the current opening and event times, prices, cancellations, etc.. This information can change at short notice!