The award-winning photos "Autumnal Osnabrück 2023"

And the winner is...
  1. 1st place Emily Ates wins StattGeld worth €500.
  2. Tobias Alder wins StattGeld worth €300.
  3. Julia Schweigert wins StattGeld worth €200

Congratulations to all!


1. Platz des Fotowettbewerbs: Hochschule Osnabrück, Foto Emily Ates
Der Herrenteichswall in der Herbstsonne
Platz 3 Julia Schweigert

The people behind the camera and their photos

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the photo competition!
Die Menschen hinter der Kamera. Sie haben die acht bestplazierten Fotos gemacht. Mit Alexander Illenseer und Isabell Sollmann (li).
Platz 4 Kurt Krause
Platz 5 Volker Sander
Platz 6 Felix Dörsam
Platz 7 Jose Gonzalez
Platz 8 Bernd Albert Duckstein

That was the "Autumnal Osnabrück" photo competition

All citizens, whether photo enthusiasts or random snappers, had until 13 November 2023 to send in their most beautiful photos of autumnal Osnabrück to Marketing Osnabrück GmbH. Participants not only had the chance to win great prizes. By using a checklist that takes into account the analysed strengths of Osnabrück, the submitted photos actively contribute to strengthening the brand image of Osnabrück and are thus intended for the future external presentation of the city.

A total of over 300 photos were submitted. After a pre-selection, everyone was able to vote for the three best photos on the Instagram channel "".

Procedure & Info

The photos submitted will help to showcase Osnabrück's strengths in the future. To this end, they will be used online and offline with the name of the photographer. This will make them a visible part of the Osnabrück brand

The pre-selection of over 300 photos was made by a jury. From 16 to 21 November 2023, the citizens of Osnabrück were asked to select the most beautiful photos on the Instagram channel

The first three places will receive a "StattGeld voucher" worth €500, €300 or €200. It can be redeemed at 57 points of acceptance in the catering, retail and service sectors in Osnabrück. You can find more information about StattGeld here

A checklist was also available for download so that the photos could be analysed fairly and comparably

Legal, organisational and technical information for download.

The photo competition was organised by Marketing Osnabrück GmbH. To the conditions of participation.

All information and tips can also be found on the Instagram channel of Marketing Osnabrück GmbH. The ratings can also be submitted there.

Note on possible changes at short notice

Please inquire on the homepages or directly in the respective houses about the current opening and event times, prices, cancellations, etc.. This information can change at short notice!