Historic Osnabrück Christmas Market

It is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in northern Germany - in the old town of Osnabrück between the market and the cathedral - from 27 November to 22 December 2023. A special highlight: the view from the Marienkirche tower over the Christmas market. Father Christmas also climbs out of the clouds from up there.

Impressions 2022

History of the Osnabrück Christmas Market

The first Osnabrück Christmas market took place about 180 years ago. A letter dated 4 November 1836 states that "craftsmen, cake bakers and all those who trade in short goods may publicly display goods for sale 8 days before Christmas in the old town hall.

Since then, a lot has happened: today, the Historical Christmas Market in Osnabrück stretches across the market square in front of the medieval-looking backdrop of the town hall, town scales and St. Mary's Church, as well as on the square in front of the cathedral. The ensemble, steeped in history, casts a spell on visitors and arouses their curiosity about what once was and what can be discovered today. First and foremost is the famous town hall in late Gothic style, on whose steps the Peace of Westphalia was proclaimed in 1648, thus ending the Thirty Years' War.

So things are peaceful in the city. And without a lot of noise. This is what is known as Osnabrück's "quiet" Christmas market: the only musical accompaniment is the historic merry-go-round in front of the town hall. Generations of Osnabrückers have already taken their turns on this more than 100-year-old ride. In addition to traditional rides, there are also record-breaking rides to discover: the largest nutcracker at a Christmas market, six metres high, or the world's largest functioning music box with life-size figures.

Note on possible changes at short notice

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