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Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück
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Opened in 1984, the garden is located in two former quarries at the Westerberg in Osnabrück.

Green finger

The riverside path stretches for over 2 km along the Hase through the city centre from south to north.

Green finger

The avenue of lime trees on the embankment between the Haarmannsbrunnen fountain and the Pernickel Tower, which has been designated a natural monument.

Osnabrück Palace Garden

The experienced French garden architect M. Charbonnier planned and built the palace garden.

Apfelblüte (c) Susanne Schoon

Picking apples in autumn is possible in the orchards shown on the map. Careful handling of fruit trees and green spaces is a prerequisite.

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Old gravestones tell a story

Johannisfriedhof Tor
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Walk between Osnabrück personalities

The app tells the stories that lie beneath tombs and marble. It covers the Hare and St. John's cemeteries and the life stories of famous daughters and sons of the city.

https://www.wo-sie-ruhen.de  (German)

Guessing riddles at the Hase cemetery

Answering tricky questions, skillfully transferring a surface structure with paper and pencil, combining numbers and solving riddles - that's what the adventure game designed by artist and educator Jakob Bartnik is all about. Sponsored by the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation.

Adventure Hare Cemetery (German)

Abend am Rubbenbruchsee
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