The Osnabrück City Voucher "StattGeld"

One voucher - experience a lot!

The new "StattGeld" offers many advantages for buyers and also for sellers. The city voucher is the perfect gift!

The principle: Simply purchase the voucher at one of the sales outlets, load it flexibly with amounts between €5.00 and €100.00 and then conveniently redeem it at the participating acceptance points - in retail, gastronomy or the cultural sector. The vouchers can be redeemed in partial amounts or as a total sum. They are valid for 3 years from the end of the year of purchase. With "StattGeld" you can experience the diversity in Osnabrück's city center.

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The Marketing Osnabrück GmbH presents the city voucher "StattGeld" for the Osnabrück city center. We apologise that the information is only available in German.

The project is co-financed by the emergency program "Perspektive Innenstadt!" of the EU reconstruction aid REACT EU within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is intended to support municipalities in making their city centers fit for the future with concepts tailored to the local situation. The aim is for people to be able to access the city as a living space in a new way.

Project description

With the introduction of a digital city voucher system, Marketing Osnabrück GmbH would like to bind local purchasing power in a targeted manner and sustainably strengthen the merchants, restaurateurs and service providers in Osnabrück who have been weakened by Corona measures. With the help of the digital city voucher, the digital visibility of the inner-city economy should also be promoted and new sales channels should also be made possible across companies. The digital city voucher is intended to help make the shopping experience in Osnabrück's city center significantly more attractive and easier. Under the motto "One voucher - many possibilities," the voucher can be loaded in electronic form with flexible value amounts and redeemed at many different acceptance points.

Note on possible changes at short notice

Please inquire on the homepages or directly in the respective houses about the current opening and event times, prices, cancellations, etc.. This information can change at short notice!