Places of interest around the Christmas market

In passing

If you're already at the Christmas market, there's plenty to discover around it. Here are a few ideas.

Town Hall of the Peace of Westphalia from the tower of St. Mary's Church
Chamber of Peace in the townhall in Osnabrück
Exterior view of St. Mary's Church in Osnabrück
St. Peter’s Cathedral
St. Peter's Cathedral
Churches, Place to see, Romanesque architecture
St. Peter's in Osnabrück - Cathedral Cloister
Cathedral Cloister
Place to see, Romanesque architecture, Historic buildings
Das Diözesanmuseum Osnabrück

Costly liturgical utensils and reliquaries are preserved in the Osnabrück Cathedral Treasury.

Das Heger Tor in der Osnabrücker Altstadt
Osnabrück Old Town
Place to see

The old town has a mix of owner-operated shops, cultural venues and gastronomy.

St. Catherine's Church is a late Gothic hall church.

St. Johann
Churches, Place to see

St. John's Church is an early Gothic hall church with three naves.

Let us take you to unusual places!
Above, below & next to the Christmas Market

Are you curious? Then take a walk through Osnabrück with night watchmen - look down on the Christmas market from above and descend into the city's fortifications.

That's just one of the many possible suggestions!

Note on possible changes at short notice

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