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Cafés, restaurants, bars or clubs - visit what you like! And if you don't feel like going out at the moment, you can of course enjoy Osnabrück specialities at home. We have pre-sorted!

Schwarzwälderkirschtorte im Sophies
Cafés & ice cream parlours
Hot or cold?

Coffee, cake, ice cream - strong and sweet always go together. The offerings range from the age-old house recipe to the stylish confectionery room.

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Ziegenkäse mit Feigen
Bistros & Restaurants
Hearty or star cuisine?

Organic, vegan and regional are part of the good taste of Osnabrück's chefs. Specialities from many countries also range from mother's recipe to star cuisine.

To Bistros & Restaurants
Pubs & Bars
Shaken or stirred?

Whether before or after a visit to the theatre, a concert or a restaurant - a cocktail or a freshly tapped beer is always good. Sometimes also as a "pre-lunch" drink...

In Pubs & Bars
Dance & celebrate

Turn night into day with your favourite music - it's easy in Osnabrück! Many locations offer theme nights and special events.

To the clubs
O49 Gin
Culinary specialities

Hmmm..., that's good! Coffee roasters and bread bakers are fragrant, chocolate or brandy is available to take away, give away and enjoy yourself.

To the manufactories
Restaurant Ahoi by Steffen Henssler
Look for yourself
Nothing found?

You will find a selection of the entire gastronomic offer in Osnabrück below. If you have special wishes, you are in the right place!

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Gastronomy in Osnabrück

Here you will find everything that Osnabrück's kitchens and counters have to offer. An overview that can nevertheless only be a selection for you to filter yourself...

Genießen im Tante Sophies
Gastro Beispielbild TOL .jpg
7 Grad
Alex deftig.jpg
Café, Restaurant, Bar
Ahoi Steffen Henssler
Bar Symbolbild
Alando Palais
Bar, Pub/pub
Restaurant Algarve
Alla Rosa.jpg
Alla Rosa
Genuss im Almani
Guest restaurant, Restaurant
Bar Symbolbild
Alte Gaststätte Holling
Beer garden, Guest restaurant, Restaurant, Pub/pub
Bar Symbolbild
Alte Posthalterei
Beer garden, Restaurant

Our database does not claim to be complete, we are continuously expanding the entries. Therefore, it could be that you are missing a café, bistro, restaurant, bar or club. Perhaps you have also discovered a new gastronomic idea that should definitely appear here. Feel free to write us your tip, because we appreciate your support!

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