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Not only current blockbusters are shown in the cinemas, but also independent films. The latter are also the focus of the Osnabrück Film Festival - Festival of Independent Film. It is one of the oldest and most traditional film festivals in Lowermfestivals in Lower Saxony. But before that, there are of course many opportunities in Osnabrück to shoot the film first. For filmmakers, Osnabrück has a guide from Nordmedia Filmförderung that makes shooting easier.

Erich Maria Remarque "Nothing New in the West"

German remake 2023 receives 4 Oscars

A documentary on the author, his work, contemporary history and with quotes from Erich Maria Remarque shows his life, his path to fame. The writer was born 125 years ago in Osnabrück - his work is still highly topical.

Erich Paul Remarque - the birth name of writer Erich Maria Remarque - arrives at the Western Front in World War I immediately after his 18th birthday. The war of position brings death and terrible injuries to the trenches. No sense or even patriotic duty is apparent to any soldier. Badly wounded himself, Remarque begins to jot down his memories and collects the front-line experiences of his fellow sufferers.

Immediately after its publication in 1928, the novel "Nothing New in the West" became a mass success, but at the same time it was the target of fierce attacks by the National Socialists, which would lead to the burning of Remarque's books in May 1933 and to his expatriation in 1938.

The German remake of the novel "Nothing New in the West" by director Edward Berger will receive four Oscars in March 2023, for Best Cinematography, Best International Film, Best Sound Design and Best Score. The Netflix production is based on the novel by Osnabrück writer Remarque.

"Nothing New in the West" is by far the most famous and influential of all Remarque's novels, and the plot revolves around the experiences of a young soldier who enlists in World War I straight from the school desk to the front. He experiences the death of all his friends and the collapse of his youthful world in the unimaginable horror of the trenches.

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The Osnabrück Film Festival

The Filmfest Osnabrück - Festival of Independent Film presents independently produced, socially engaged cinema on the pulse of time during five days in October in the sections:

  • Competition for the Peace Film Award Osnabrück
  • Focus on Europe - committed arthouse cinema from Europe
  • Competition for the Film Award for Children's Rights
  • Vistas Latinas - cinema from Latin America
  • FilmFest Extrem - committed genre cinema
  • FilmFest Laut - music, music, music
  • Ufolinos - short and feature-length films for the very youngest film fans
  • Short films - a daily short film program and the music video program "Kurz&Laut".

All information about the program can be found at Filmfest Osnabrück

For filmmakers, Osnabrück offers a guide to shooting and on-site support. In cooperation with Nordmedia/Film Commission, the most important contact persons for the implementation of the minimum requirements of green shooting are also listed there.

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