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Radfahren auf dem Markt Osnabrück
Peace Route
Between Münster & Osnabrück

It is the route of the peace riders who rode back and forth between the two cities to deliver dispatches in the five years before the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. At over 150 kilometers, the Peace Route is a multi-day tour.

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Osnabrück Round Tour
Once around the city

On almost 50 kilometers past noble residences and old mills, zoo and Rubbenbruchsee, branch canal and three rivers. The "Museum Industriekultur" is on the way, which lets you experience the flowing transition between city and nature park.

To the Osnabrück Round Tour
Ziegen am Piesberg
From quarry to quarry stone
Day tour of the city

In just under 39 kilometers, the tour runs from the Museum am Schölerberg through Osnabrück, the districts of Haste, Schinkel, Gretesch and Voxtrup - and also around the Piesberg.

TERRA.trail From quarry to quarry stone
Ostercappeln Darpvenner Steine
Megalithic culture
Over stick & stone

The 70 megalithic tombs along the Megalithic Culture Cycle Route were built from boulders weighing up to 50 tons - as much as 2,500 bicycles put together. Trace the myths and legends about the "megalithic tombs" on the route between Osnabrück and Oldenburg.

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Stichkanal Hollage Wallenhorst
Hase-Ems Tour
Always the hare after...

...then you will inevitably reach the Ems. The tour leads through river landscapes, orchards and the moor - from the cozy little Hase to the straight-lined waterway Ems.

To the Hase-Ems Tour
Mit dem Rad auf der Grenzgängerroute
More bike routes
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There are over 2,800 kilometers of bike paths and many themed routes in the Osnabrück region - for a leisurely excursion or a sporting challenge.

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