Die Villa

A villa with a chequered past

The villa on Heger Tor Wall was originally the middle-class home of the Schlikker family. From 1932-1945, it housed the Osnabrück headquarters of the NSDAP and thus the regional control centre of the Nazi dictatorship.

In May 2024, a new socio-political place of learning will open in the Museumsquartier Osnabrück. In future, the causes and consequences of the Nazi era will be analysed here and conclusions drawn for our present and future. Examples such as Hans Georg Calmeyer from Osnabrück will be used to illustrate the events of that time in order to draw lessons for the present and promote a lively culture of remembrance. Debates should be conducted critically at this location, opinions should be exchanged and, at the end of a democratic process, results should be formulated that all social groups can support together.

Address & contact

Die Villa
Heger-Tor-Wall 27
49078 Osnabrück

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