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We founded the boni coffee roasting company with the aim of creating more awareness for the diversity and quality of coffee and making the value chain more transparent. We want to achieve better cooperation that benefits all parties involved. We do this by travelling to the countries of origin to build direct relationships with farmers. This not only allows us to trace our beans, but also to build a long-term relationship and thus the chance to permanently improve living conditions and also growing conditions on the ground.

We focus on Specialty Coffee. There is no single definition for this term, but basically we understand Specialty Coffee as a quality standard that encompasses all processes along the entire value chain - starting with the quality of the green coffee. Every growing region has a different microclimate, which affects the coffee plants differently. Environmental influences such as temperature, hours of sunshine, rainfall, soil conditions and wind affect the quality, taste and yield of the coffee plants. There are also different methods of processing the coffee cherries after harvesting, all of which have different effects on the flavour profile. Finally, of course, the roasting process of the beans has a significant impact on the final result. So in order to offer a particularly good coffee, we have to take many things into account.

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Boni Coffee Roasting
Netter Platz 6
49090 Osnabrück

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