Arboretum on the Piesberg

The arboretum at the Piesberg is located near the circular hiking trail.

Directly at the Oststieg stairway at a distance of 300 metres, signs point the way. 
An arboretum (from the Latin: "arbor"= tree) is a collectionof diverse, often also exotic woody plants in the form of a tree park.

The sequoia in the arboretum
Renew redwoods are always admired as the most powerful tree species on earth. Giant sequoias are pyrophytes; their thick, fibrous bark protects them from forest fires, which can be frequent in the dry forests of their original range along the Sierra Nevada in the western USA.
After a forest fire, the cones of the giant sequoias open, and because all competing plants have burned, the seeds can germinate undisturbed in the nutrient-rich ash layer. The trees can become very old and grow enormously in width. Since the middle of the 19th century, these trees have existed in Central Europe as rare park trees.
With a height of 33.70 metreshigher than the town hall in Osnabrück and a stem circumference at breast height of 5.70 metres, the sequoia tree worthy of natural monument status is unique in the Osnabrück region. It is approx. 150 years old.


  • Mammutbaum (c) Susanne Schoon

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Arboretum on the Piesberg
Im Quellengrund
49134 Wallenhorst

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