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The history of saffron is already attested in frescoes of the Minoan culture on Crete 3600 years ago. In the Mediterranean region, saffron was traded by the Phoenicians, among others, who used it as a healing and spice agent. Even then, it was considered a luxury item. In the Middle Ages, it was three times as expensive as pepper.

In 2019, saffron also found its way into the city of Osnabrück. Noble exoticism and a touch of oriental Persia were brought by the operator of the restaurant of the same name. Raheleh Saadati comes from Iran (Persia) and was born with the art of cooking, because every woman in Persia is a cook. Under the name "Safran", Persian dishes are now offered alongside ice cream specialities. Those who would like to enjoy the inviting ambience with a delicious cocktail or a cosy glass of wine are also welcome at any time!

Let yourself be carried away on a tastefully authentic journey into the Persian empire!

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Safran - Persian cuisine
Domhof 7b
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: 0541 56954789

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