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"Act & Transform!" - Series of events between May and September on the Piesberg

The monthly event series "HandelN & WandelN" at the Piesberg starts on Sunday, May 7, with a diverse program. The series of events, put together jointly by the players on the Piesberg, will delight visitors with rides on historic trains, on the light railroad or on the small train, with offers around the new special exhibition of the Museum Industriekultur, with cultural highlights at the Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus and with information on the restored ruin of the Stüveschacht, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

The Museum Industriekultur (MIK), the Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus, the Feldbahn Piesberg Osnabrück e.V., the Osnabrücker Dampflokfreunde e.V., the Förderverein Stüveschacht e.V. and the project office of the Piesberg Culture and Landscape Park have joined forces to offer a very special program of events again. The message is: Between May and September there is always a lot going on at the Piesberg on the first Sunday of the month from 10 am to 6 pm. In addition to a recurring supporting program at various locations on the Piesberg, the players have come up with a very special highlight for each of the Sundays. Start on May 7: The first event on May 7 will be organized by the Förderverein Stüveschacht e.V. and the Feldbahn Piesberg Osnabrück e.V., which will provide information about the history of the coal and stone trade on the Piesberg. The Stüveschacht celebrates its 150th anniversary and presents the functioning of the former dewatering plant at the Stüveschacht by means of a model. At the stations of the "Haseschacht" and "Stüveschacht" light railroads, guests can learn interesting facts about the changing trade in coal and stone at the Piesberg. Moving passenger and freight wagons allow the history of the light railroad to be experienced. At 3 p.m. the MIK offers the guided tour "From the Haseschacht to the Stüveschacht" and informs about the former coal mine Piesberg. Also the idea wagon at the Vosslinke is open from 15.00 o'clock. On June 4, the focus will be on the transformation of steam locomotive 41 052, which is currently being completely restored by the Osnabrück Steam Locomotive Friends in loving, voluntary work. The Osnabrück Steam Locomotive Friends will be providing information at the stoking day about the eventful history of the 160-ton steam locomotive from its commissioning in 1939 to the current state of restoration. Guests can expect a varied program around the colliery station with trolley and locomotive rides, guided tours of the vehicle collection and rides on the Piesberger Kleinbahn. Shuttle rides are offered from the main and old town stations as well as from the harbor. The Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus and the Museum Industriekultur invite visitors to trade and stroll through the popular KULTURflohMARKT on July 2. In addition to musical, theatrical and clownish performances, the focus will once again be on haggling and rummaging, swapping and chatting. Admission to the new special exhibition of the MIK "World Trade. History, Present, Perspectives" is discounted on this day and guests can expect a culinary offer around the magazine building. The new special exhibition "World Trade. History, Present, Perspectives" of the MIK will also take center stage on August 6. In addition to a guided tour of the exhibition, scientists from the DFKI (German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence) will open their show workshop in the MIK's coal washing facility. They will present new findings on how AI can help optimize parcel shipping in the future. In the historic corner store in the MIK's horse stable, the trading world of bygone days will come to life. The Oldtimer IG Osnabrück e.V. presents a variety of old and youngtimers around the magazine building, illustrating the changes taking place in the automotive world. The final highlight of the series of events is the "bergfest am piesberg" - the large cultural and family festival on the entire Piesberg. With theater, music, excursions, culinary delights as well as railroad and light railroad attractions. One highlight is an alphorn experiment: the Hasetaler 1648 send sounds across the quarry and symbolically connect the Wallenhorst and Osnabrück parts of the mountain. On all event days of the "HandelN & WandelN" series, visitors can expect a diverse range of activities at various locations on the Piesberg in addition to the aforementioned focal points:

  • Permanent exhibition "Man, Nature, Economy" and special exhibition "World Trade. History, Present, Perspectives" including guided tours in the MIK Museum Industrial Culture
  • Rides on the light railroad between the stations Haseschacht and Stüveschacht (Note: The light railway line in the direction of the Erdzeitaltertreppe cannot be used until probably summer due to safety measures).
  • Information booth at Stüveschacht with exciting insights into the accessible ruins (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Open colliery station with a varied program around the historic railroad, including station café and rides on the narrow-gauge train
  • Shuttle trips in the historic museum train between Osnabrück harbor and Piesberg colliery station
  • Cakes in the KulturCafé and in the chestnut garden of the Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus (from 2 p.m.)
  • Café MIK and beer garden next to the new playground at the Haseschacht building (from 11 a.m.)
  • Opening of the corner store in the historical horse stable of MIK
  • Meeting of old and youngtimers of the Oldtimer IG Osnabrück e.V. (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
  • Rental of backpacks for the fossil expedition (2 to 4 p.m.) at the Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus

Getting there: For a stress-free and environmentally friendly journey to these events, the organizers recommend traveling by bicycle along the Haseuferweg or the Kanalradweg. From the Ost train station in Osnabrück harbor (harbor track), guests can take the historic museum train to the Piesberg. For the "Anheizertag" and the "bergfest am piesberg", the Osnabrück steam locomotive friends additionally offer shuttle trips from the main station and the old town station to the Piesberg colliery station.

Archived report: This report has been archived for research purposes. Please note that events, announcements, dates and activities of people mentioned in this text may no longer be valid. We exclude any liability for misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

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