Serbian Orthodox Church of St George


The church was established alongside other Serbian Orthodox churches before the foundation of the Central European Diocese.


  • Considered the only Serbian Orthodox church in northern Germany
  • The congregation of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Eversburg has existed since 1959, includes the parishes of Münster and Lingen. The congregation was initially made up of Serbs who fled Yugoslavia after the war and Yugoslav officer families who stayed here
  • Built on the model of the Kalenic monastery church, an outstanding example of late medieval art of the Serbian-Orthodox Church (15th c.). Church (15th c.); dedicated to the memory of the Great Martyr St. George.
  • Church built on the site of a prisoner-of-war camp (OFLAG VI C) set up in 1941 for Serbian officers and soldiers (over 5,000); 6.12. 1944 bombing of the camp: 116 dead (Serbian martyrs). Martyrs); therefore also intended as a memorial church for the victims of the Second World War; below the church columbarium with urn graves of several hundred dead previously buried nearby in the Eversburg cemetery.

Stories / Legends:

  • Architect Karl Schellmann worked without a fee and did the building supervision on a voluntary basis.
  • On 27.9.1945, someone visited the later collection camp, the former King of Yugoslavia Peter II also took part in the topping-out ceremony.

Address & contact

Serbian Orthodox Church of St George
Wersener Straße 85
49090 Osnabrück

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