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The Italian way - coffee, wine, antipasti

The Taste of Italy: The Wine

The Wine Cabinet of Jean-François Pelletier pays particular attention to three criteria that are interrelated: They must be winegrowers' wines, not industrially produced mass-produced goods; he knows most of the winegrowers personally. The second criterion is natural cultivation. "Organic" is not a must, but it is important that the wines are more grown than made. Criterion three: the wines are regionally typical and strong in character. This is important because these wines have more to tell.

The Taste of Italy: Coffee

It all began in the 17th century. After the first merchant ships with coffees from the Orient, Africa and Brazil supplied Venice, the way was not far for the success of this hot drink all over the world. Trieste, with its important coffee port, is today considered the Mecca of Italian coffee. The many old cafés are visible witnesses to a centuries-old tradition.

In a similar way to the classic Italian blends, our "Caffè italiano" is roasted and blended. 

The espresso (exclusively the best Arabica and Robusto beans) comes from Colombia, El Salvador and India and results in a velvety, spirited and balanced taste. It smells wonderfully of chocolate and almond on the nose. Enjoy unadulterated Italian coffee culture at Il Paradiso!

The Taste of Italy: The Food

Italian wine doesn't like to be alone - that's why Il Paradiso has delicious accompaniments: ham and fruit, a variety of vegetables, the Italian national dish caprese, foccacia, bruschetta and crostinis. We also offer a selection of our best olive oils.



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