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Irish Folk

The young musicians of the Kilkenny Band play atmospheric Irish folk with songs about alcohol, drinking, whiskey and other cheerful topics.
With her powerful voice, the half-Irish Julie Ann Cimino-Boyle makes many a folk song sound pretty rocky, but at the same time knows how to convince with sensitive sounds. With his versatile voice, Dennis Fehlauer (bass guitar) sings the full range from rough pirate shanties to poppy, modern folk songs, while band founder Jascha Kemper (mandolin, banjo) is mostly responsible for the traditional favourites. The quartet is completed by Shawn Hellmann (guitar, banjo). Thanks to their virtuoso instrumental playing and the session-like character of playing together, the enthusiasm always spills over from the musicians to the audience in no time at all  -  whether people know the songs or not doesn't matter: everyone has to sing along in the end!

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49074 Osnabrück

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