DaSein: Art, Faith, Religion and People with Disabilities

Exhibition, Peace

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09:30 - 18:00

Aesthetic artistic research by members of the Art Container of the HHO on the topic of the image of human beings and the image of people with disabilities in theology, faith practice and community work in the religious communities in the city of Osnabrück, with a concluding exhibition in the StadtGalerie Café. 

To mark the 375th anniversary of the historically unique Westphalian peace treaty of 1648, the city of Osnabrück is launching a landmark annual programme in 2023.

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Organiser HHO Osnabrücker Werkstätten gGmbH
Industriestraße 17
49074 Osnabrück

Tel.: +49 541 9991-218
E-Mail: ch.seidelnoSpam@os-hhonoSpam.de
Website: os-hho.de

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Markt 13
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: 0541 58054020
Website: www.os-hho.de

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