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Planetarium Osnabrück
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CAPCOM Go! is an immersive, historical documentary that showcases the achievements of the Apollo program and what it took to put the first human on the Moon. It introduces a new generation to the immense challenges that scientists, engineers and astronauts were facing more than 50 years ago. It also tries to inspire people to become the explorers, engineers, designers, thinkers and dreamers of the future.

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Adults: 6,50 Euro
Children and reduced: 3,50 Euro

2,50 Euro per person

phone: 0541 323-7000

We kindly ask to book tickets in advance as many shows are fully booked early. Reserved tickets must be collected at the front desk of the museum 15 minutes before the show starts.
Veranstalter Museum am Schölerberg
Klaus-Strick-Weg 10
49082 Osnabrück

Tel.: 0541 323 7000


Planetarium Osnabrück
Klaus-Strick-Weg 10
49082 Osnabrück

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